Come Take a Trip on the Magic City Line Mini Train
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The Equipment

Norfolk Southern Locomotive #9003

Norfolk Southern locomotive #9003 was built by the Moberly Correctional Center, Metal Working Class in 2003. The engine, modeled after a GE Dash 9 locomotive, is powered by a 25 hp Kohler engine using a hydralic direct drive. The engine had 2 axle trucks when built. Recently, changes to the hydralics and wheel sets included six axles, three of which are powered. Work was performed by Kinder Machine of Moberly and volunteer Don Darst.

Locomotive #505

Locomotive #505 was designed by volunteer Jerry R. Cater and sponsered by Mr. Cater and volunteer J.W. Ballinger. Designed after a Fairbanks Morse, Trainmaster, the engine uses a 16 hp Ditchwitch engine and hydralic system. The engine and transmission were donated by auctioneer, Tom Kendrick after the trencher had been in an accident (but, not harming the engine or hydralics). The sheet metal work was done by the Moberly Correctional Center students in the Metal Working class. The engine, painted in N&W “tuscan red” colors has six axles, all of which pull making this a most powerful engine.

Wabash Locomotive

Wabash Engine
The Wabash RR locomotive is modeled after the EMD, F-3 through F-8 style. It is painted in “Blue Bird” colors, the Wabash blue, gray and white, one of the most recognizable motifs of any railroad. The engine is powered by a Crosley car motor and transmission and has brakes. It was built by the Ottaway Company and is part of the original set purchased by the Rothwell Park Railroad. Originally painted in “Santa Fe” colors, the engine was repainted by Moberly Motor Company with lettering by Mattox Advertising of Moberly.

Low Center Flat Car

This handicap accessible flat car, built by Bob Schafer, can carry a wheel chair or child stroller, one passenger, and the conductor. One side lowers to the platform loading area for easy access.


Our Gondola Car, built by Bob Schafer, is used to transport up to five adults on rides, or can be used to ferry ties, spikes, or other construction material to any area of the railroad.